So now I reach the tricky part in food blogging, divulging my ‘on the hoof’ recipes. Those which I know by heart. Those which I can do, and have done, half asleep at the hob. Those which vary according to what ingredients I can find in my tiny frigidaire. So forgive me my bits & pieces, my dribs & drabs and this & thats, but I find I work best that way and if I steer you wrong, please ask me to return to the start and tweak my recipes cos it is the only way you and I can learn together.

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Minced again

June 6, 2011

Well as I’m reviving my blog after boring several friends and colleagues with recipes and cooking hints & tips, I thought I would revisit mince as it still remains a favourite so forgive me for making my first post back a rehash, and hash is a good use for mince too, but I have to update.

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All purpose salsa

April 1, 2007

This is my own salsa recipe which I dreamt up from a mixture of seeing salsa recipes on the telly and reading them in various books. ¬†The basic main ingredients¬†are the onions, tomatoes and peppers with balsamic vinegar and olive oil providing the lubrication and “cooking”. If you like it spicy then by all means add fresh chilis, Tabasco or indeed dried chili flakes but I think fresh is best. If you want to serve it only hours after you make it you can but it’s far better made and then eaten the following day and thereafter. It gives the flavours time to impart and marinade.

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Japanese style coleslaw

March 16, 2007

While I continue to plod along with getting my lasagne recipe written for you all to read, I’ve got a quick and easy recipe for my version of coleslaw. No mayonnaise or oils and very little, if any, fat but it’s full of flavour and hopefully it will introduce you to a few new ingredients.

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March 7, 2007

I love mince. It’s cheap and cheerful and versatile and it sits so well with staple starches like potatoes, rice and pasta. My local butcher charges one measly pound for 1lb of beef mince. On his display it sits next to the stewing steak and if I’m lucky I sometimes get a cube or two of it in my bag. I relish the prospect, and the surprise, of a good hearty spaghetti bolognese with an unctuous lump of beef in it I must say.

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This post is especially for Mr B today. Are there any of my recipes you’d like to see on my blog I asked? The heart disease one he replied. This is so called because of the sheer volume of badness in the recipe. I blame Nigella, it’s one of hers after all.

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Banana loaf

March 6, 2007

This is one of my most loved recipes which I can knock up in a jiffy and then loiter with intent while it bakes and fills the house with wonderful aromas. Now I have my old skool Kenwood Chef I can batter the ingredients together in a matter of minutes but there’s something quite satisfying about getting a big bowl out and lovingly preparing it with the aid of a wooden spoon. I nabbed this recipe from someone at school years ago and have tweaked it here and there to sate my tastes.

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